Collection (enforcement) of receivables

Collection of receivables is a package of dedicated actions directed to lawful refund of debt financial commitments of individuals and legal entities. This process consists of stages of examination and solution of all issues related to receivables

- refund problems and includes following:
- examination of relationships with debtor;
- analysis and preparation of documents;
- debtor’s solvency analysis;
- mediation;
- conduct of negotiations;
- submission of claims and amercements;
- drawing up and preparation of materials for their  submission to court;
- case accompaniment and representation of the  interests of a client in court.

Collection (enforcement) of receivables

Company «EBS» is specialized on provision of high-quality services on refund of receivables of individuals and legal entities.

The list of provided services includes a comprehensive work that is divided into the following categories:
- pre-trial (claim) enforcement of receivables;
- court enforcement of receivables;
- factual enforcement of receivables.
This service could be addressed to:
- individuals and legal entities;
- lessees and lessors;
- investors, developers, main contractors;
- trading companies and purchasers;
- private agencies.

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