Refunds for goods

Company «EBS» offers services on rendering legal and law assistance in solving such issue as refund for goods. Our specialists will consult you about all questions related to problem refund of money for sold or returned goods, prepare the package of all documents necessary to submit a statement of claim and will be able to represent your interests in court.

We’ll protect your interests in case you have got difficulties with refunds for goods if they:
- are defected and low-quality;
- could be returned according to terms and  conditions of their purchasing;
- have been sold by you without receipt of the relevant payment.

Before settling your issue our specialists examine thoroughly all related documents and materials in accordance with established legal norms and standards. Company «EBS» is a professional collective of the high-quality specialists and lawyers, who have the wide experience in solving moot points connected with refund for bought or sold products.


Applying to us you get the whole range of advantages including following:
- high quality of rendered services;
- individual approach to each client;
- minimal possible terms to solve the issue;
- qualified legal assistance, support and representation of the client’s interests in different instances.

If you are interested in professional assistance on this issue, just call us and we’ll certainly help you!