To Debtors

If you read these lines, it means you are a debtor, our client. The right decision for you would be repayment of debt or indebtedness, otherwise our employees will work with you having applied a complex of steps and measures towards you in respect of recovery of indebtedness (debt), and using informational and legal technologies, special software and time-proved methods of dealing with nonpayment problems.

Complex of measures includes:

- determination of debtor’s center of location;
- collecting of information of current financial condition of debtor, his (her) company;
- analysis of legal situation;
- call-center services (telephone calls and sms related to necessity of debt or indebtedness repayment);
- personal communication with debtor at his/her place of work or residence;
- taking part in negotiations with companies-debtors;
- financial and legal examinations that confirm liabilities;
- control of execution of peremptory writs;
establishment of dept repayment schedules and compliance with them;
- cooperation and mutual work with law-enforcement machinery (opening of criminal cases upon fact of fraud and other crimes in the business sphere).


What is behind all the clauses you have read would be understood after your first attempt to shrink from communication with us or attempt to get round us.

You are alone, your experience is minimal and only based on your personal level, it is free of any system, except cheating system and non-refunding of somebody’s money or equipment, non-keeping to payment schedules. You consider yourself as clever and sly, but we have seen a lot of similar characters and be sure, we will find out how to make such an offer to you, that you will be unable to refuse it.
If you begin to hide, we will find you at home, or at work, at your relatives’ or close people’s place. During a search period we will communicate with people known to you, your relatives, neighbors and business-partners. You will start to be distracted from your business. Systemic reminding of debt and different recommendations, strictly within the law, will help you to repay somebody’s funds.
For particularly "thick-skinned” people we note, that Criminal Code of Ukraine has not been cancelled yet, and we guarantee that by way of informing of your surroundings in the sphere of business and by other legal steps, we will reduce the number of cheated people to minimum.

There are two cases upon which complications may arise:
- debtor is dead;
- debtor is imprisoned (till his/her discharge).

If you are interested in professional assistance on this issue, just call us and we’ll certainly help you!


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or by e-mail.

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