User charges

If you are a legal entity or an individual person, who produces goods or renders services, either way you will face with a non-payments (partial or 100%). Dealing with them you commission your employees to solve a problem:
- a secretary
- an accountant
- middle manager
- head of department

But all these people are not experienced enough to work with receivables or debts. Absence of systematic approach in solving problem leads only to debtor’s delay. Having got additional load your staff distracts from their duties and current work that influences negatively on the labour productivity and your profit as a result. 

User charges

We recommend individuals and legal entities

the fixed monthly payment for our work with your problems.

It will depend on:
- the quantity of contractors.
- debt geography.
- contractor’s complexity (limitation period, state etc.)
- availability of documents that confirm debt.

We’ll be able to determine the fixed monthly user charge.
And your economical safety will be under the control of professionals.

If you are interested in professional assistance on this issue, just call us and we’ll certainly help you!