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The collection agency (company)

Коллекторское агентствоWelcome to collection agency EBS! Our structure is established to work with individuals and legal entities in the sphere of payment control systems as well as problem debts prevention and collection. We are strongly different from other law firms with our approach to the matter. We exclude the work with accounts receivable of banks, insurance companies, credit units, that are working at the market of crediting of individuals and legal entities.

Компания ЭББ

Our specialization is to organize and secure fulfillment of debt repayment system in organizations and enterprises both prior investigations in court and support during a period after legal proceedings, work with contractors, who systematically break payment schedules and articles of agreement.

Recovery of debts prior the court investigation gives our customers the opportunity to obtain not only material, but moral satisfaction from cooperation with EBS, it provides a possibility to avoid specific kind of activity, not always pleasant for you. Our company is ready to cooperate with all institutions and organizations interested in this.

Services cost in every particular event is individual and mostly depends on extent of problem case and period of indebtedness limitation.

Коллекторские услуги

Working with us you will keep your nerves and time safe, as well as obtain repayment of almost lost funds and secure stable economic security of your enterprise.

Recovery of the problem debt is the most popular law service today that allows you to return the required indebtedness in corpora in a short space of time.

The procedure of indebtedness recovery according to acting legal norms is a difficult and labor intensive process itself that requires the presence of specific knowledge and experience. That is why quite difficult to achieve a success in solving this issue without the professionals’ assistance.

Taking this fact into account the collection company EBS is ready to offer you the professional services in solving problems related to debts collection from individuals and legal entities. Our specialists will take all the necessary measures and release you thereby from the whole series of difficulties connected to examination and preparation of all required documents as well as consult you about any legal issues.

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