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To Customers and Partners

Our organization has been particularly established for work with debts and current indebtedness at any enterprises and in any spheres of activity and specialization.

Our main goal is to make debts repaid, re-establish payment system, and take preventive steps, and teach how to deal with them. All our methods are aimed at result – repayment of money as soon as possible with minimal expenses.

Positive aspects of our activity are:

  • high efficiency;
  • absence of high expenses;
  • monthly fee (payment for every month of work in your company);
  • prevention and application of measures which allow to reduce expenses;
  • establishment and control of economic security system;
  • distance yourself from conflict process of repayment;
  • making debts and indebtedness repaid by contractors with further cooperation in force;
  • consulting services rendering (marketing and law consulting).

Our approach is not limited to application of legal steps in fact, it also includes psychological methods of influence during systematic control of debtors, primarily, at a stage prior to investigation in court.

Our company is ready to cooperate with all institutions and organizations interested in this. Services cost in every separate event is individual and mostly depends on extent of problem case and period of indebtedness limitation.

If are interested in cooperation with us, we will discuss all terms and perspectives over the telephone or by e-mail.


(067) 587-67-70

(063) 389-53-77



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