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Debt collection (recovery) Kiev

Professional out-of-court debt collection is one of the main activities of company “EBS” in Kiev. There is a whole range of specialized procedures and methods of influence on the problem debtor or deadbeat for the purpose of freewill return of debt funds and obligations.

In its work our company implements the most effective and approved methods of peaceful out-of-court settlement of all questions connected with problem indebtedness return. The competent confirmed by legal basis negotiations allows us to settle even the most difficult situations and issues between the creditors and debtors.

The main advantage of our company is the usage of exceptionally legitimate moral and legal steps of influence on the debtor to collect debt. Professionally trained specialists of “EBS” have plenty of experience in solving such issues therefore we can ensure the achievement of necessary results.

The debts collection process executed by specialists of our company is aimed to maximum effective solution of the problem within a minimum possible period and consists of the following stages:

  • the conduct of considered analysis of all required documents and materials;
  • comprehensive legal evaluation of terms and debt situation;
  • development of main stages of debt collection;
  • pre-trial work with debtor (check of his state, claims raising etc.);
  • preparation of documents for application to the court;
  • representation of client in the court;
  • monitoring and enforcement of issued court decisions;
  • filing appeals against court decisions;
  • submission of application to law-enforcement authorities for debtor criminal prosecution.
Fully understanding time consuming and unpleasant nature of the problem debt collection procedure we try to undertake all concerns on its realization.
Applying us you get the qualified assistance of experienced specialists, who have successfully solved plenty of issues on problem debts recovery.

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